Hello and thank you for visiting!

My name is Warren and welcome to my blog “TheFatVegetarian”.  I live and work in Brisbane, the third largest city in Australia.

I started this blog with the intention of sharing my vegetarian adventures and hopefully to spread the word on vegetarianism and support the good work of those restaurants that make it easy for us.

I’ve been a vegetarian since 2002 and have never looked back!  I have my lovely wife to thank for that.  I am vegetarian because I feel that as humans we can safely make a choice to not eat meat.  We’re not going to die without meat.  And the benefits to the environment, animals and our health are well worth the effort.  Obviously not everyone gives a rats and I’m OK with that too.

Throughout my vegetarian journeys I’ve always wanted to enjoy food like a non-vegetarian does when going out and have found that sometimes choices have been lacking.

As for  the restaurant review sites out there, it’s hard to determine how yummy the vegetarian dishes are (if any at all) as the majority of reviewers are chowing down on cow, pig, fishes or bird.  A restaurant that gets top marks for it’s meat dishes may not necessarily have great vegetarian dishes and you can’t always go to a dedicated vegetarian restaurant, especially with non-veg friends.  It would make for a very boring experience to eat at the same places all the time.

Occasionally I also like to try my hand at some cooking.  I’m also always on the look out for new and interesting vegetarian recipes… Not your usual stirfry vege and rice kind of fare, but unique, tasty recipes that are hard to find.

What is vegetarian: My definition of vegetarian is of foods that do not contain any products in which an animal was killed to obtain it.  Therefore I classify foods such as eggs, and most diary vegetarian.  I try to the best of my ability be as vegetarian as I can be, however as I am still learning myself I may get it wrong sometimes.  For example, I only recently found out that many wines and beers are not vegetarian and use fish derived products in the production process.  In such cases I appreciate your feedback!

I adopt a a best effort approach when it comes to restaurants.  If a dish is explicitly marked as vegetarian on the menu, I still ask basic questions such as “does it use fish stock” or “is it fried in animal fat”, things like that.  However despite this, there will always be a chance that a restaurant may use non-vegetarian products…  May the karma be lenient on them!