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Getting that Authentic Chinese taste at home

Posted on September 13th, 2011 by Warren  |  No Comments »

Chinese vegetarian restaurants are one of my favourite places to dine as they usually have a fantastic variety of healthy and tasty food choices specifically made for the vegetarian palette.  I especially love the “mock” meat dishes that they do and how they flavour their foods.  Only a real vegetarian Chinese chef knows how to satisfy the taste buds of bona fide vegetarians!  None of this stir fried veggies in oyster sauce rubbish they try to dish out as vego in meat eating establishments!

My preference at home is to cook Chinese inspired dishes since I love the taste and I love rice.  I also love it because it can be so healthy and it is super quick and easy to cook.  However I can never seem to get the flavours right like they do in the Chinese vegetarian restauarants… I have a couple of Chinese cookbooks, but not many that really focus on vegetarian Chinese.   And because of this, I tend to run out of ideas quick and end up cooking the same old thing…

So I was rapt to have come across Jim Yang’s Ebook “Quick and Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking“.  It has heaps of fantastic recipes such as:

  • Kung Po Chicken vegetarian style;
  • Garlic and honey Ribs made of Bamboo and dough… Genius! ;
  • A variety of interesting Stir fries;
  • Chinese salads such as Vermicelli salad;
  • Vegetarian Wontons;
  • And the all important Vegetarian Meat! ;

Most importantly it is full of tips and techniques to get that authentic Szechuan flavour and texture!  He explains how to easily use
16 fundamental cooking techniques to cook like a professional chef, which is important for budding cooks such as myself.  As they say, teach a man to fish… or in this case cook!

What I also love is that it has pictures of all the ingredients you need.  He takes the time to explain them so that even if you’ve never heard of it before, you know what to look for at the grocery store.

Check out Jim Yang’s Ebook “Quick and Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cookinghere.