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Cirque, New Farm

Posted on September 16th, 2011 by Warren  |  2 Comments »

The Cirque sign

It's easy to miss when driving down Brunswick st, so look for this sign!

One of my favourite pastimes is sleeping in and having a late breakfast at Cirque.  This is one of those places that are open all day for breakfast.  Perfect for those of us who usually can’t get up early enough to catch the brekkie menu at other restaurants.  What I really love is that they cater really well for us vegos with a variety of options for breakfast.  There are at least 12 different vegetarian breakfast meals ranging from muesli to hot meals like corncakes and my all time favourite, the “vego chowdown”.

Usually this place is packed on Saturday and Sunday mornings. There is always a 15 minute queue.  This is partly because it is quite small and mostly because the food is great.  However if you want to be really smart, take a day off from work and start the day here and spend the rest of the day walking around the uber cool shops in the Valley and New Farm.  And you won’t need to queue either.  This is what Jen and I did on Friday!

Cirque lower level

Cirque is nice and cozy

As I mentioned before it is small but this contributes to a cozy and warm ambience.  The staff are friendly and make you feel welcome immediately.

View from the top story of Cirque

View from top floor of Cirque

We are asked if we wanted to sit downstairs or upstairs.  We chose to sit upstairs to take advantage of the view of the street and watch life pass by.

Orange and Pineapple Juice

Fresh Orange and Pineapple Juice ($6.00)

I order an orange and pineapple juice to start and Jen orders a cappucino.  I forgot to check their daily special board before going upstairs to see what special juices they had… So I settled for the tried and true.  The drinks arrive quickly and by the time they come we decide to order a Vego Chowdown and a Veg Pide.

The orange and pineapple juice is freshly made and is refreshingly tangy.  Jen said the coffee was not bad either.

The meals arrive about 15 minutes later.

Vege Pide

Vege Pide ($10.00)

The Veg Pide has a tasty combination of roast pumpkin, fetta, hommus, roast capsicums and eggplant.  Well, I guess a toasted sandwich is a toasted sandwich albeit, this is one full of gourmet ingredients.  I immediately felt jealous of the more substantial vego chowdown that Jen had and wished I’d ordered that too!  After some cajoling, I struck a deal to give half my pide in exchange for half her vego chowdown… how’s that for negotiation?  Anyway, despite this I enjoyed the crispy toasted pide with the combination of the sweet pumpkin with slight hint of cumin mixed together with salty fetta and marinated capsicum and eggplant.

Vego Chowdown

Vego Chowdown ($17.00)

The Vego chowdown is a filling serving of soft poached eggs on a slice of sour dough, avocado, sauteed mushrooms, fried whole tomato, rocket, wilted spinach and potato rosti with caramelised onion jam.  I must say that my favourite part of this dish is the potato rosti.  It’s nice and crispy on the outside and soft inside.  The savoury potato combines well with the sweet onions and always leave me wanting for more.  The eggs I am told are free range and are always poached into perfectly formed droplets.  The runny gooey yolk inside is perfect for dipping the sough dough in.  The mushroom and spinach are cooked well with only the hint of seasoning to let the the lovely earthy flavour of the mushroom and spinach come through.  The rocket on top is drizzled with a creamy and sweet poppy seed dressing.  Although the avocado and tomato themselves are fresh and tasty, I’m sure some people won’t appreciate that they are served whole.


Cirque is a great place for breakfast that serves great tasting food with an emphasis on quality ingredients.  This combined with reasonable prices, friendly staff and cozy atmosphere make this place a favourite of mine for those lazy easy going days.

Although it isn’t busy during the weekdays, be prepared to wait a little longer and sit shoulder to shoulder with other guests on the weekends as it gets quite busy.

There is some off street parking around the back and this just adds to the appeal of coming here.  I mean, who wants to fight for parking early in the morning?


Restaurant Details

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Vego Chowdown $17.00
Veg Pide $10.00
Orange and Pinapple Juice $6.00
Cappuccino $3.50

Other Vegetarian Options:

Too many to list, so I took a photo of the menu: