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Posted on August 18th, 2011 by Warren  |  3 Comments »

Although here in good old Brissie vegos are pretty well catered for, it wasn’t long ago when many restaurants and people were totally ignorant of vegetarians… a novel idea, a passing fancy!

Vegetarians often got the short end of the stick when it comes to parties and functions, restaurants and the like.

‘Hi, do you have anything vegetarian in your menu?’

‘Yes, we have a salmon dish’

‘Fish is not vegetarian’

‘Oh, ok… how about some lettuce?’

Our meat eating friends were always giving us crap, which always lead to a heated debate of some kind usually containing some combination of the following:

  • You don’t eat meat??!
  • You need some Protein.
  • How do you get all your vitamins?? OMG, you’re going to DIE!!
  • What about IRON?
  • Can you eat Chicken?
  • Do you eat seafood?
  • How about egg? Oh yeah, you can’t eat egg… It’s got a baby chicken in it!
  • My friend is a vegetarian and eats fish.

And always ending with: “Why do you eat veges then? They are alive as well aren’t they??”

What is life without meat eating friends? 😛

Fast forward now to the present day Brisbane, we’re now we’re an educated, cosmopolitan lot and it shows in the number of vegetarian options available.  We have several great vegetarian restaurants (at one stage we had about eight) and most meaty restaurants these days have some great vegetarian options.  I’m going to be reviewing some of my favourites and try a whole bunch of new ones all with an emphasis on how well they cater to the vegetarian palate.  And just to liven things up I’ll also be trying my hand at some cooking and sharing some fantastic recipes I’ve come across over the years.